What is DataLive?

DataLive automatically checks when your product data “goes live” on the various distribution selling platforms, saving manufacturers time while creating an accurate record for you to review with your distribution partners. 

Go-live is the point in time at which your product data becomes available for use.  It’s not enough to have data ready and sent, distributors have to show the data or have it in a “go-live” state in order to sell your products. Manually verifying that your product data is live and available to sell was previously a cumbersome process. Now, with DataLive this process has been revolutionized eliminating the need for manually checks and ensuring your data is live and ready for sale. 

Benefits of DataLive

Trust DataLive to check and notify you when your data is live. 

  • Linked to your OnBoard account to easily select the products you want to monitor
  • Automated searches with push notifications and additional analytics when data goes live on the selected distribution channels
  • Automatic follow up information sent back to you when data has been updated
  • Flexible packages based on the search volume allowing you to customize your specific plan
  • DataLive allows you to determine why sales may not be happening as projected

DataLive provides a quick notification that your data is live with no timing out and no manual processes.

DataLive Process

DataLive is a straightforward process that gets your data from catalog to selling position quickly.  Select the part number on the DataLive tab, then select customer sites who require the data. Choose frequency of searches and watch DataLive go to work.

That ability of knowing when your data is available to sell is done by DataLive in just a few steps. 

Customizable with Analytics

DataLive, is the SAAS solution designed to meet your needs. 

Trust DataLive for:

  • Real time analytics to empower your organization
  • Information to follow up with customers and ensure product information is loaded and sellable
  • Tools for category managers to perform reviews
  • Valuable insight for better forecasting and supply chain management

These convenient features make DataLive the right choice. Packages are customizable and based on your specific requirements. 

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