Transfer your TecDoc® data in real-time

The automotive aftermarket is a highly competitive market where not only speed but also the timeliness and accuracy of data is crucial.

Introducing our Instant Data Processing API

Our new API enables TecDoc® data suppliers to update and transfer their catalog data in real time. All data transferred via IDP will be integrated and published instantly in the TecDoc® Catalogue, Web Service and Web Shop.

Besides that data receivers can embed our new API into their systems for a maximum experience of instant data transmission

With IDP we empower the market globally to always work with the latest and most accurate data.
IDP users gain a high degree of flexibility and independence and can accelerate their time to market.

”TecAlliance has proven once again that they are on the right track! In a very difficult time, they developed a highly innovative product to revolutionise the whole market.”

Alexander Hartling, Senior Manager Data Intelligence

Product Management

Boost your product management and become first to market while gaining more flexibility and responsiveness.

Natively integrated into our PIM solutions or available as-a-service to connect to your own proprietary system.

Edit your data live & don’t be bound to strict delivery schedules 

Currently the release of a new product or update of an existing product is bound to a time limit. This can lead to delays in your release plan, unnecessary data incorrections and missed sales opportunities.

With Instant Data Processing you can enter your product data independently from our weekly data delivery schedule and correct, supplement or delete it on the fly.

  • Connect directly to our data center and validate, add, correct & delete content without delay
  • Submit individual updates instead of whole data sets
  • Use IDP features in our own data maintenance solutions for instant data transmissions
  • Connect your third party PIM solution to IDP and avoid time consuming data imports & exports

General questions

Do I have to use the new IDP functionalities or interface?

No, as a data supplier it is up to you to continue to deliver the classical way via DMM or CCU as a complete data package at least by one of the given update deadlines OR if you switch to 24/7 delivery of your changes via IDP. Also as a data receiver it is up to you, if you want to work with the most up to date data available via IDP.

Using DMM with IDP

IDP for TecDoc® data suppliers

IAQs – Instantly Answered Questions

We know there’s a lot to learn and read about Instant Data Processing. That’s why we’re giving you this. More to read, easier to skim.

Question? Talk to an expert about how to leverage on Instant Data Processing

Let one of our consultants walk you through our new instant data processing API and how you can implement it for your use cases.

Set your own pace

Don’t be bound to strict delivery schedules

Connect directly

Update your content live in our data center

No more extra work

No need to create your deltas with each update

Get in touch with our Data Team

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