Our web-based catalog featuring your products and a custom parts look-up functionality

The JNPSoft OptiCat Branded eCatalog provides custom branded web catalogs for Suppliers and data Receivers. This includes a variety of features including custom layouts, custom data and selling features such as customer purchasing capability, linkages to inventory availability and an easy to use shopping cart.

Why branded eCatalog?

Great data sells products with the JNPSoft OptiCat branded catalog you get just that, accurate timely displayed on your branded website allowing you to sell your products quickly and easily. 

This web based catalog features only your products and a custom parts look up functionality to suit your needs. It’s also scalable to all types of smart devices.

Easy conversion of supplier data
Real-Time data available 24/7
Efficient delivery of data
Returns results in milliseconds
Your data in selling positions quickly
Scalable to all smart devices


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