Keep your parts data always up-to-date for your customers

In the aftermarket supply chain, parts data is one of the most important aspects to carry out daily business. TecCom® CMD offers a robust system to manage the huge amount of article data and process them according to your business needs.


Article records


Price records


New article data per month


New pricing data per month

Availability information

CMD enables parts manufacturers to handle large inquiry volumes without putting their IT system and business at risk

Ease of business with our secure & efficient article data management solution

The aftermarket community faces critical challenges to maintain article data and keep them updated for their customers.

Ultimately this can lead to lost sales opportunities due to unavailability of parts data or data that has not been updated or has not been sent to the customers on time.

TecCom Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) offers an unique solution that helps both the supplier and the buyer to optimise their data management and overcome the challenges faced regularly.

  • Secure & efficient data management
  • Reduction of cost and manual effort
  • Mitigation of manual errors & risks

Simple & easy provision of article & price information

CMD ensures an easy and prompt transfer of article and price information by the manufacturer to the distributor – allowing the targeted transfer of information about individual product ranges and prices.

The standardised preparation and transfer of article information minimises the effort needed for the manual reworking of data by dealers, reducing the time to market.

The practical integration of the CMD into the Order Manager online portal allows direct access to article information, such as the article status or the dimensions of the article, irrespective of the ERP system.

Parts Manufacturers

Higher customer satisfaction & new sales opportunities

  • Improved data quality due to a three level data validation
  • Reduction of cost due to automation
  • Standardised & transparent article and condition information
  • Support of the whole product life cycle
  • Shorter time to market
  • Available as a SAP function module

Parts Distributors

Gain higher customer retention and prevent loss of sales

  • Standardisation reduces maintenance for formats & interfaces
  • Reduced adjustment efforts due to improved data quality
  • Shorter update cycles of article and condition information
  • Reduction of product returns handling
  • Showcase every possible availability information


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