Ensuring Clean and Accurate Data

OnDemand is the only complete solution to provide Receivers access to catalog and product data quickly and easily.

Why OnDemand?

OnDemand is a cloud based solution for data Receivers to access Supplier data how and when they need it. This includes all updates for ACES®, PIES ™ and image files.

Data validated against ACES®, PIES™

Easy management of relationships receiver to supplier

User selectable file versions and formats

Receivers are automatically notified of any updates and have the functionality to select the format, file and export type as required. 

Up-to-date product and catalog information

Private label support

Connectivity to eCommerce

What does this mean to you?

Clean and accurate data, updated, how and when you need it. Furthermore, no costly returns because customers find the right part with the right information at the right time ultimately resulting in greater sales.


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