Process all your electronic invoices in one platform

TecCom e-Invoicing offers a standardised invoicing solution for the automotive aftermarket community to optimise their day-to-day exchange of electronic invoices.

100% Compliance

Tax compliant invoice processing for both the invoice sender and invoice recipient as well as audit compliant archiving of invoice documents

Streamline the invoicing process with all your buyer groups regardless of their size

Aftermarket suppliers find themselves challenged regarding maintaining multiple IT systems or maintaining various channels of processing invoices from each other.

e-Invoicing enables every supplier and buyer, regardless of their technical capabilities and sizes to be under a single platform and operate seamlessly. The module helps to process and exchange electronic invoices via the platform which ultimately transforms different formats into the correct or relevant format for the invoice sender or the receiver.

  • Realize payments faster and avoid late payment fees
  • Strong partner network based on an industry expert standard


Invoice Transactions






Increase of transactions



Fast processing & handling of your warranty claims

Self-managed easy features that offer ease of business irrespective of the size and backend IT systems

Save time

Generate your claim in approximately under three minutes

Well connected

Easy data entry from TecDoc® and OptiCat and compatible with your SAP interfaces


Highly customisable solution to support you along the whole process

Easy communication

Talk directly to your trader or supplier via our integrated service chat support


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