Maximise your benefits with our extensive consulting support

We offer you the right consulting services & project support to make the best out of our TecCom solutions. Our team offers various projects that deliver seamless integration at any depth.

Entry level integration

The basic level which mainly involves manual operations.

In this type of integration, the buyer receives manual access to manage relationships with all the distributors and suppliers in one portal.

Whereas, in case of a supplier organisation, it receives a basic ERP connection with automated import and export of messages.

Find the right ERP Integration possibility for your business

Take advantage of Order Manager in your regular environment. Find the right balance as we offer an easy integration into your existing ERP system. We offer thorough consultations at various levels and intensity based on the need of the customer.

Approximately 80% of our customers use Order Manager to the deep integration level to enjoy the maximum benefits. This is possible because our consultants offer round the clock services – such as understanding of the solutions, what’s best for our customer’s IT infrastructure, what IT solutions actually suit the need, how to integrate and use Order Manager to the deepest levels etc.

We make sure that our customers don’t need to change their environment or go through anything extensive to integrate our solutions. Therefore, we offer various projects that deliver a seamless integration.

Connect5 – the latest way to connect with Order Manager

Connect5 is the latest development based on customer needs and data analytics. This is the most comfortable way for a supplier to connect to the OrderManager platform. Connect5 serves as a communication and integration component that takes away all the complexities from a supplier in order to provide cost efficiencies and time saving.

If a buyer enters a part number in the system and selects the matching brand, just a few seconds later he gets a response. We ensure all the backend support.

SAP Consultation & Projects

We offer a dedicated service for the industry leading software solutions of SAP. Our customers who are using SAP solutions or want to integrate SAP solutions for TecCom modules. Here are some success stories with the latest SAP S4 Hana customer projects around the world.

German aftermarket supplier with operations in Europe and the USA is already prepared for the S/4 Hana migration. The supplier experienced unparalleled benefits by moving to the CFS-Comfort Supply solutions of Order Manager.
Now, the Order Manager SAP team has successfully moved the supplier to the next stage and implemented S/4 Hana at their interface in a two months long migration project. Undoubtedly, one of the fastest SAP migration project for e-commerce sellers system in our history.

Another large aftermarket and OE manufacturers from Portugal is also using S/4 Hana. The group company has its extended business over 17 countries across continents and pioneers in original equipment manufacturing, recycling and of course aftermarket solutions.
It’s a challenge for the aftermarket manufacturers with multiple in-house brands to manage their buyers’ network which is also overseas.
But Order Manager SAP supplier solution makes it easier and more productive for the company to function seamlessly across different markets and systems.

Germany based automotive aftermarket supplier’s Spanish branch is also using S/4 Hana for their large range of products. With locations in multiple countries across Europe, the company has an intense inventory line of spare parts and some are even specialised for Asian car manufacturers.
Having a line of unique and specialised parts, the company looked for a consolidated platform that connects themselves to their huge network of buyers.
Order Manager CFS-Comfort Supply Solution addressed all the business process automation needs and successfully helped the customers to move to S/4 Hana. As a result, the company drove efficiency gains for their customers.

Our SAP team’s continuous efforts to support our customers

Whether its implementation of a project or migration of one, nothing happens overnight. It needs thorough planning to succeed. Since our aftermarket clients needed to be migrated from one interface to S/4 Hana, many parallel activities needed to be worked on.

For example, double maintenance for both solution platform R/3 and S4 in parallel. Also, it’s a challenge for the Order Manager SAP DEV teams to support different SAP S/4 solutions – releases 1608, 1709 already do exist and release 1810 will be launched soon.

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