The simplest and most effective tool to manage your data

ONE is our new and scalable cloud-based tool that transforms your business operations for increased convenience and productivity. This Global PIM stores all your product data for easy access by all interested parties

Why choose ONE?

ONE is a cloud-based catalog solution that allows you to transform business operations for increased convenience and productivity.

This extensible quick an easy tool comes with built-in features for capturing, maintaining, and analyzing your products and enables you to manage all your data in one place turning the complexity of different formats, data standardization and data quality to your advantage.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

No licenses or server required

Integrated star rating

Highlighting completeness of data

Modern Customizable Design

View data as required quickly and easily

Automatic Reference Data Updates

No uploads required

Data validation & report generation

Generate your documents fast and simple

Inheritance part update

Parent / Child functions


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