Simplify & optimise all stages of your order processing

TecCom Order Manager is the most advanced and simplified ordering interface in the market. Based on our extensive process expertise it includes everything you need for ordering aftermarket car parts in the most successful & easy way.

Parts manufacturers

Connect to a large community of 30,000+ customers in one single platform and significantly reduce time & manual efforts.

  • End-to-end order to invoice process based on standardised data formats and solutions
  • Access all your customers in one stable platform that’s equipped for global networking
  • Unparallel network security & various ERP integration levels

Become part of the largest automotive aftermarket ordering platform

Order Manager offers a standardised ordering solution in the independent automotive aftermarket that eases the communication between the suppliers and the buyers. The aftermarket community benefits heavily from the standardised message formats for all data transfers, leading to reduce time, cost and efforts.

However, many levels of customisations are also possible based on your specific needs. We support all stages of order processing and management such as:

  • Request
  • Express and stock order
  • Order response
  • Dispatch advice
  • Invoice

Easily automate your order processing with standardised data

Order Manager uses a standardised message format for your data transfer making it easy to optimise your processes. Make availability enquiries in near real-time and increase security through immediate order confirmations.

There are multiple ways of connecting to Order Manager. Various interfaces and different levels of integration enable the optimal integration into your ERP system.

Order Manager helps you to automate and digitise your processes, reducing costs and saving time. You enjoy full transparency with best in class security.


Native TecDoc and non-proprietary cloud integration via Dropbox

Easy connection

Single interface between all aftermarket suppliers and buyers


Interface for easy partly automated processes by bulk uploads


Reduced complexity due to interface to connect your ERP system


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