Replacement Rate Reporting

Enhanced data for making better business decisions

JNPSoft OptiCat have additional research data to better equip our customers and make informed business decisions. Now available ACES mapped replacement rates, delivering reliable results you can trust. Whether you’re looking for insight into your customers or your competitors, our research will help you make smarter and more profitable.

  • Stay on top of parts replacement market trends
  • Track trends over time for accurate predictions
  • See which parts are failing by location and monitor customers’ replacement actions
  • Understand if geography changes demand for your products
  • Map replacement rates to VIO data to get a more granular view of parts demand and trends

All this delivered via flat file for integration with VIO data for over 143 different parts.

JNPSoft OptiCat provides an in-depth look at automotive parts replaced, service performed, consumer demographics, buying habits and more, including part category data, giving you the industry’s most comprehensive way to learn about your customers or competitors.


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