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Update your data at all points of sale at the same time, optimise your visibility in the market and boost your sales

Sell more parts by making them easily available

As an automotive supplier or distributor in the independent automotive aftermarket, you are always faced with a central question: How can I best bring my products to market?

In order to turn potential customers into actual buyers, you must first make your current portfolio available to them. The most important step: become a TecDoc data supplier. With the TecDoc catalogue, you are able to reach customers directly and meet their requirements for data format and maintenance.

  • Easily access new markets
  • Reach your customers directly
  • Boost sales

How do I become a TecDoc® data supplier?

Becoming one of our data suppliers is easy. If you are a supplier of replacement parts and your company has a certified production site you are already half-way there and you can easily register a brand for our TecDoc® Catalogue:

  • If you own the brand or its owner has transferred the respective distribution rights to you, so that you have the right to independent maintenance and delivery of data under the respective name
  • Depending on your contract you can choose the regions in which your products are seen in the catalogue
  • After signing the contract we will provide you with everything you’ll need on your way to your first data delivery

New product validation

  • New vehicle
  • OE data research
  • VIO data: prognosis, potential & analysis
  • OE price data management: potential analysis for aftermarket parts

Product specification

  • Sample sourcing
  • Product testing – dimensional inspection, ISIR, PAPP
  • Product Management: “Make or buy” decision

Product commercialisation

  • Catalogue maintenance: Automatic conversion of OE vehicle to TecDoc standard
  • Catalogue maintenance: Automatic linkage of OE to TecDoc attributes
  • Competitor research; examination of replacements
  • Aftermarket sales price data management
  • Article maintenance
  • Data maintenance application
  • Data validation & transmission to TecDoc

Easily prepare & manage your data with our PIM solutions

To meet the individual requirements of all our data suppliers, we offer professional tools for data preparation and management.

From basic data preparation to high-end data management. This way you can provide your article data in high quality easily and comfortably. Both tools supports you in different stages of your workflow, contributing to cost and process optimisation and ultimately to the generation of revenue:


High-end data management & insightful analytics

A powerful tool that integrates vehicle manufacturer parts information (OE) and vehicle in operation data (VIO). In addition, data exporting to formats such as TecDoc, MAM and tailor made Web exports is also possible. Use numerous configuration options to adapt the tool to your individual needs.


Basic functionality to get you started right away

As a data supplier, you have the option of using our DMM to prepare and maintain your product data in TecDoc® standard free of charge. The system checks whether your data meets the TecDoc® Standard.

Our full service offer: Managed data onboarding & updates

With our managed data service we convert your individual data into our TecDoc data format. We take on the complete standardisation of your data, i.e. the linkage to our standardised product names (generic articles), attributes and vehicle data, as well as the conversion to the TecDoc data format.

We focus on optimum product communication so that your products are presented professionally to your customers. When using our data services, you do not require either hardware or software. You save time and effort preparing the data.

We are also happy to take on the continuous update management after the initial publication of your article data. As your products are always available to your customers throughout the world in a high-quality and up-to-date form, we actively support you in increasing your sales.

Both for data onboarding and the data update, you can transmit your data to us in the format you use. On this basis, we determine the required scope of services and generate an individual quotation for you with a detailed description of the services and fixed prices for easy planning.

Do it for me

Save time & effort: Easily transmit your data in the current format you use and our team of data specialists takes on the conversion into TecDoc® format

Question? Talk to an expert about how you can easily bring your data into TecDoc®

Let one of our specialists walk you through our data onboarding process both with our product information management solutions or data service.

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