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Localised content

The data includes all elements of the TecDoc supplier data specific for your selected countries, regions and/or languages

Easily integrate our standardised data into your own solutions

We distinguish ourselves not only through our extensive and globally recognised vehicle and spare parts database, but also through our innovative technologies that make the TecDoc catalogue data available according to individual customer requirements.

Our data package is a set of tables that provides an offline solution containing both the reference data and the parts manufacturer replacement parts catalogue data.

Both the reference data and the parts manufacturers’ data is raw data in our standardised TecDoc format. Our data packages can be delivered in either TAF/fixed length or CSV format.

  • The TecDoc Data Package allows optimum use of the standardised TecDoc Catalogue data.
  • The data is provided for download and can used for integration into your own product catalogue, for internal data matching and analysis.
  • Data Delivery is provided weekly or quarterly

TecDoc data is your basis for success in the automotive aftermarket

We gather the most up-to-date information from automotive suppliers, replacement parts manufacturers, associations, authorities and institutions worldwide.

This information is either collected and recorded by our experts in a uniform and integration-compatible form or is supplied directly by manufacturers and trade.

The TecDoc data suppliers provide high-quality replacement parts data in a uniform format using our global TecDoc Standard. You can then use the structured data with our TecAlliance solutions, but also in your own way by choosing just the data that you need.


Data Collection

The basis of our data is collected from replacement parts & vehicle manufacturers as well as various other sources like vehicle park data and market statistics. They are compiled by our team of experts and transferred into our TecDoc standard format.


Data Management

Our data base consists of replacement parts data, vehicle data as well as repair and maintenance information and is then distributed via our various solutions:

  • Web Access
  • Web Service
  • Web Shop
  • App

Data Distribution

Our standardised data is then easily accessible & ready to use for our data users:

  • Workshops
  • Parts Dealers
  • Parts Manufacturers
  • Fleet & Leasing

Comprehensive data

The reference data includes the necessary vehicle attributes for specific regions and languages:

  • Manufacturer model series
  • Passenger car, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles & motorcycles
  • Engine information allocated to vehicle type
  • Axle information allocated to vehicle/truck type
  • Generic article description & criteria
  • Additional information for logistics

Our global TecDoc reference data makes your life easier

Our reference data provides basic descriptions of vehicles, vehicle components and product classification (i.e. standardised product information, criteria that can be described in the article) in the globally recognised TecDoc exchange format to help you prepare your product and article data.

It is structured in a data format that provides a clear definition for the fine-grained classification of vehicles. This classification opens up the possibility of clearly identifying the correct vehicle classes within the vehicle tables using the vehicle type ID.

Our reference data contains all necessary information that enables the assembly of the TecDoc vehicle data and the standardized catalogue search structure relevant for the correct identification of parts.

  • Reference data is updated monthly
  • All TecDoc data is available in 41 languages

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