Here you can download the corresponding materials for all Automechanika TecCom topics.

Downloads (PDFs)

Order Pro – Excellence Program

TecCom Order – Support in international rollout

Order Pro – TXML5 – Top 5 features

TecCom Open Orders

TecAlliance SSO

TecCom Returns – The holy grail for the Reverse Logistics

TecCom Portal Insights – Statistics and Reports in the TecCom Portal

Sales Presentation for ERP/ Webshop Providers

Enter the new stage of ERP concepts with our TecAlliance Partner Program

As part of the TecAlliance Partner Program, at TecCom we are launching a new partner concept for ERP providers. This is reflected in the expertise area “TecCom Solution Integrator”. With TecCom, the whole order-to-invoice process is covered digitally. Join our TecCom Partnership and widen the range of solutions you offer to your customers, strengthen the digitalization in the independent aftermarket.

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